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[wpdevart_youtube]epAthy4jd7I[/wpdevart_youtube]What are your goals in life?

How much money do you want to make a year?

These are some topics you will talk about with our consultants. We will help you establish your account and begin working on or assisting you develop your brand.

Don't have a brand or product/service to sell?

Not to worry. This is why we offer up to one (1)hour of FREE consultation. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS AFTER YOU HAVE MADE PAYMENT.

The silver level allows you to be able to see everything the gold level has to offer but you are not able to add post yourself or see what the platinum members are able to view. This level is ideal if you are looking to just see what P.M.I.Y.P has to offer... We truely enjoy P.utting M.oney I.n Y.our P.ocket especially our silver members which often times upgrade down the line to platinum level.

The price for membership is $19.00 per Year.

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