become a uber or lyft driver and make extra money

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Make money on your free time, on the way from work to home or on a full/part time bases people are making great money. If you need a vehicle their are programs to help you get in one on a week by week rental bases with the ability to return the vehcile within a month of having it. The ability to make money when you want is strong, considering the fact that many people who are college students, professional or currently without work has things they have to do and being able to work your own hours is beautiful. There are draw backs to the system which make the average lifespan short, but for some they find no problem with the glitches and find it a great way to make part time money.

The pros

*ability to rent a vehicle with less stress and not needing a job to get vehicle

Ability to work your own hours


freedom to do it anywhere in your state


The Cons

The system is an app you may not get feedback from a human right away

The system doesn’t tell you where the person is headed until you get there

The job puts allot of miles on your vehicle which means more gas, more oil changes, more repairs and of course less money to your bottom line

The rating system for the app is not adequate enough to really favor the new people learning how to do the job, uber keeps track of your last 500 trips… if you only did 150 and you messed up huge on 5 trips where the people rated you 3 this will damage your rating and will make it harder to stay up at the desired rating by the system. If you are using lyft it is however just the last 100 trips which is friendlier to the rookie drivers which is 80% of the drivers who first start out with either company.

The system will eventually use self driving cars which will put allot of uber/lyft drivers out of commission 10 years from now

The best course of action

BOTH UBER and Lyft

If you want the same as uber and more considering the lack of tip option on the app(which realistically looking at it would only take 2 hours at most to implement) drive for lyft



Uber is more widely used and widely known than Lyft, Lyft has the tipping option which makes it more suited for the drivers considering taxi/limo riders are advised to tip which people dont think about or people just do not realize it is something they can do. The Uber system promotes the seemless ride with no tip needed, which is not great when the average riders fare is less than $5.00 total(uber/lfyt fee plus your fee). If your car was to be damaged your car is no longer suitable for the job, over 150,000 miles they dont want it in the line(The average taxi/limo drivers vehicle has over 250k miles or more on it) and the wear and tear on your car means the overall profit from the job is cut tremendously.

Click here if you would like to start driving for uber 

Click here if you would like to start driving for lyft

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