• Acorns: Using your spare pocket change to make a nice return


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    Investing can be intimidating and often times the inexperienced or the ones with no time to keep checking for trades can really maximize their dollars when investing in stocks and bonds. If you are a student, professional or someone who has a few dollars and cents you would like to turn into real dollars you should look to use acorns to help your money grow.


    Creators- California-based father-son team Walter and Jeff Cruttenden
    The app is meant to be used to monitor, deposit/withdraw easy and of course to earn money on your money.

    Here’s how Acorns works: You connect as many debit or credit cards as you’d like along with a checking account, and the app rounds every purchase made on those cards up to the next dollar, investing the difference in low-cost ETFs. For example, if you spend $10.49 on lunch, that remaining 51 cents is invested.

    It doesn’t sound like much, but Acorns says that its current users invest $30 to $180 a month in “round ups” alone.

    Users can invest their round-ups manually or automatically.
    “Even though, legally, a person can open an investment account at 18, most don’t start into their 30s and miss out on years of compounding returns,” explains cofounder and CEO Walter Cruttenden. “We’re hoping by making the amount small enough, we can get people started earlier.”

    You can also choose to invest larger sums of money directly from your checking account, or set up automatic deposits on a regular basis.

    “You can invest up to $20,000 or $30,000 in a lump sum investment,” explains CFO Mark Dru, “so we’re not only attracting investors interested in doing the roundup, but more sophisticated investors as well.”

    No matter how much a user invests, they can use the app to estimate how much their money will grow in future years. “That peace of mind is really cool, because people are really worried about their future and what they’re going to do with their savings,” says Dru.

    Of course, caveats Cruttenden, “past performance isn’t a guarantee of the future, but at least it’s a place to start.”

    Acorns was created to make setting up an investment account something you can do in a few minutes, and investing something you can do in a matter of seconds.

    After inputting your basic information and answering a few quick questions about your time horizon and risk tolerance, the app recommends one of six portfolios created by Nobel-prize winning Dr. Harry Markowitz, one of the company’s advisors.

    Users can estimate how much money their investments will earn.



    You can use the recommended portfolio, or choose to invest with another one. “Basically, you swipe left for a more conservative portfolio — fewer stocks, more bonds — and right for a more aggressive portfolio — more stocks, fewer bonds,” explains Cruttenden. “It’s the same on the withdrawal screen: Swipe up to put money in, down to take money out. It’s definitely a new interface in the financial services industry.”
    Acorns says that 35% of its 60,000 users are in that 18 to 32 range, and that it’s on track to have 1 million by the end of its first year. The app costs $1 a month, and 0.25% to 0.5% of your investment annually — you can estimate how much you’ll pay in fees on the site.

    If you think the service sounds a lot like a robo-advisor, you’re right. While Acorns is primacorns2arily app-based — its web app is still in progress — it operates using a lot of the same principles as online investment platforms like Wealthfront and Betterment: conservative investments with minimal investor input, meant not to make investors millionaires, but simply to get their money into the market.



    Because it’s not the most aggressive investment model out there, users should expect to leave their money with Acorns for a while. “If people are going to build a long term financial nest egg, we encourage them to stick at it,” says Cruttenden. “Our name is Acorns, and it generally takes 20-plus years to become a mature oak tree.”


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  • Settling down is never ok, you must work on yourself daily

    Finding yourself around those who are content with little, who are not there to win but just to be and those who tend to be ultra negative it is a must to get away from them. There will always be those who have negative feelings towards others, negative comments about life and drain the positive energy from the stars. In order to be successful you must soar above the norms and become and eagle.

    Motivational books
    Motivational videos
    educational programs
    setting goals and milestones
    work daily towards your goals

  • Feeding the ego, Selfie Stick Sells

    Today’s average person loves to be in the spotlight, wants to have somekind memory for every event in their life and loves to take selfies. If you went to a major event, the people who attend the event dress to impress, look great/smell great and they want to have memories to place in cyberspace or cell phone. Many times when people are looking to take individual picture of themselves or a group picture you dont want to bother someone or have someone willong to take the pictures. The way to be able to make allot of momney during these events is selling selfie sticks at major events sports, festivals, clubs and malls. The objective is to purchase a small number of selfie sticks to test of the market and then use the porfit to purchase more and continue selling. people are willing to buy selfie sticks at major events $15 to 25 dollars which you can purchase online for $4.99 to $9.99 depending on the total amount purchased.

  • The ill effects of the egocentric me, I want it now syndrome Americans posses

    The ego makes individuals not think of the group in many scenarios and makes it easy for us to not care about others, why because we are being programmed to. The ill effects of people not taking in consideration of the group, family or team they are apart of regardless of how great of a player they are can do more harm than good if they are not a team player. The easiest way to think of it can be easily found in sports considering team sports if the stars on the team are not working together then they will be beat by teams that are not half as talented but who work together as one. The present day thinking when dealing with co-workers, business partners, spouses and people in general is the ego of the I that stops star players to not win compared to those who have a more mature mind states who can forget the I for the Team.

    The only time people can take themselves out of the number one spot is when dealing with their children or when they feel they can get something out of the deal. The programs that we use to self enrich our lives from those who were successful comes from figures like Donald Thrump, other wall street wolves and self centered music/movie stars who do not consider the ill effects of spreading their beliefs of taking the most of the pie and forgetting about the rest. If you consider the fact that if you were on a team and every one on the team were given the opportunity to be given more or less and their is a limited amount available the majority of people would do thier best to have more then everyone else on the team. These thoughts are things we are taught by characters like Donald Thrump who will only do things that would benefit him and may seem like he is doing something to help you but really doing it only for their advancement and political agenda.

    We have all worked jobs or projects that we require some form of co-oped work dealing with task that make it more than a 3 man operation which means you must learn how to trust others, leave your ego at the door and to be able to work as a team. Being able to trust others to do what they are assigned to do, what they say they will do and being able to feel that they have the best interest of the group is mandatory for a successful team. When their is a lack of trust or the ability not to know that a project will be completed on time makes it 5 times harder to work with them. In order for everyone to advance everyone needs to leave their ego at the door, their is always task that someone can do better then other and their strengths and weaknesses makes it so that every person has a different role in the team… Why would a 5’8 center play the center positon or a center play the point guard position? they wouldn’t, play your position the best you can and help others play theirs. Working as a team is harder than working as individual. Working as a unit is harder than working as a single individual… But the fruits of your labor is much more when you can manage a team or just work as a team.

  • Residual Income through multi-unit properties

    Making money through owning multiple properties or owning multi-unit property will ensure that one can have an account that builds residual income. The amount of money that one can make using the multiunit property as a vehicle is a smart move to make for multiple reasons as for 1 you always need a place to stay 2 the multi unit will pay for itself within years of ownership compared to individual housing options 3 residual income… things one must be consider

    Will it be cost efficient to purchase used multi-unit property vs construction of new building

    Is it cost efficient to purchase multiple properties vs multiunit properties

    Can you afford to take care of the cost without anyone living in the properties worst case scenerio for 4 months without income coming in?

    How to fund the investment? Credit score needed? down payment needed? Investor websites that can locate properties for your mission?

    Example property 1: Multi-unit property for sale for $220,000 for a 10 unit property, 8 of the places are already occupied for $700 a month. How much is the property worth monthly to have at 80/90/100% occupancy? What are a couple of ways to obtain the property? How much is each unit worth? If you were to take 100% of the income and place all of the income towards the note, how long will it take to pay off the total note?


    example property 2: A group of investors would like to build multi-unit property to generate an account that will bring residual income for a small group of investors. How to get the interested group of investors together? How can we market to interested investors willing to loan the money out for P2P loans, business loans or partnerships? How much of a rate of return can you gaurentee the investors? What type of agreement contracts need to be made for the deal to be beneficial to the parties involved? What type of accounts can you place the investors money in?

    example property 3: A small company wishes to purchase small properties that are relatively inexpensive and relatively close to each other, in order to rent them out to tenants to build a residual income? The cost of the neighborhood buying them when they are at the lowest cost? What are the HOA fees if any? Location?

  • Becoming a Math teacher to fund your mission and to build a math foundation

    I feel as though those that love the subject of math would love to help others become successful by teaching math. Math is a subject that can help others become great business people due to the huge need for math when dealing with money, objects and people. The better you are at it the lest likely someone can fool you in it. Being able to excel in it requires having a foundation knowledge that can continue to grow.

    A few subjects you must be good at in order to take on the task of becoming a math teacher:
    Knowing how to teach individuals concepts and formulas on their level
    Number concepts
    Probability and statistics

    outside of knowing math the next step would be to become teacher certified which you can become through ACP programs if you are not certified through your BA degree. Honestly it would be easier to get a degree in what you are true-ly passionate about and get certified using the ACP program unless you plan on retiring as a teacher. The reason I say this is because teaching money is secure and stable but may not be what you want to do until you retire and the money made can be used to fund other missions. If you have stable money coming in you are able to start working on that master degree, that certification that cost or that business venture that you can not afford to fund with the stable money.

    The fields that admire those who are proficient in math:



    Computer programming

    and more… a list of 21 jobs that could benefit from the use of knowledge of math

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