• Residual Income through multi-unit properties

    Making money through owning multiple properties or owning multi-unit property will ensure that one can have an account that builds residual income. The amount of money that one can make using the multiunit property as a vehicle is a smart move to make for multiple reasons as for 1 you always need a place to stay 2 the multi unit will pay for itself within years of ownership compared to individual housing options 3 residual income… things one must be consider

    Will it be cost efficient to purchase used multi-unit property vs construction of new building

    Is it cost efficient to purchase multiple properties vs multiunit properties

    Can you afford to take care of the cost without anyone living in the properties worst case scenerio for 4 months without income coming in?

    How to fund the investment? Credit score needed? down payment needed? Investor websites that can locate properties for your mission?

    Example property 1: Multi-unit property for sale for $220,000 for a 10 unit property, 8 of the places are already occupied for $700 a month. How much is the property worth monthly to have at 80/90/100% occupancy? What are a couple of ways to obtain the property? How much is each unit worth? If you were to take 100% of the income and place all of the income towards the note, how long will it take to pay off the total note?


    example property 2: A group of investors would like to build multi-unit property to generate an account that will bring residual income for a small group of investors. How to get the interested group of investors together? How can we market to interested investors willing to loan the money out for P2P loans, business loans or partnerships? How much of a rate of return can you gaurentee the investors? What type of agreement contracts need to be made for the deal to be beneficial to the parties involved? What type of accounts can you place the investors money in?

    example property 3: A small company wishes to purchase small properties that are relatively inexpensive and relatively close to each other, in order to rent them out to tenants to build a residual income? The cost of the neighborhood buying them when they are at the lowest cost? What are the HOA fees if any? Location?

  • Becoming a Math teacher to fund your mission

    I feel as though those that love the subject of math would love to help others become successful by teaching math. Math is a subject that can help others become great business people due to the huge need for math when dealing with money, objects and people. The better you are at it the lest likely someone can fool you in it. Being able to excel in it requires having a foundation knowledge that can continue to grow.

    A few subjects you must be good at in order to take on the task of becoming a math teacher:
    Knowing how to teach individuals concepts and formulas on their level
    Number concepts
    Probability and statistics

    outside of knowing math the next step would be to become teacher certified which you can become through ACP programs if you are not certified through your BA degree. Honestly it would be easier to get a degree in what you are true-ly passionate about and get certified using the ACP program unless you plan on retiring as a teacher. The reason I say this is because teaching money is secure and stable but may not be what you want to do until you retire and the money made can be used to fund other missions. If you have stable money coming in you are able to start working on that master degree, that certification that cost or that business venture that you can not afford to fund with the stable money.

    The fields that admire those who are proficient in math:



    Computer programming

    and more… a list of 21 jobs that could benefit from the use of knowledge of math

  • Where Have We Been?

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  • How to Laser Target Your PPC Campiagn

    I remember when I did my first pay per click (PPC) campaign. I went with Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Mainly because I had some coupons which allowed me to have credits; which is good for padding if I made a mistake in my marketing efforts. So my first $100 or $200 will be mainly used in coupon form. This allowed me to see a realistic amount of money that can quickly get spent over a weeks time.girl on phone

    Selecting Targeted Key Words

    First you want to get keywords that match your audience and set up a very broad campaign. Such as the age between 21 to 49. And the education level from high school to college- male and female and so forth and so forth. The best free resource and you’ve probably heard this already, belongs to Google and its called “key word planner”. try this typing and the subject or product that you want to promote and see what kind of results come back with Google Keyword planner. always double check their recommended list and select the only about 20 – 30 keywords that you feel would drive the sale.

    Launch Campaign

    Now it’s time to run your campaign. Then after a week or less you can start to narrow the search results down to match the amount of clicks you are getting for the campaign. Let’s say its day 3 and you have an abundance of clicks. Like 30 or 50 you may want to go ahead PAUSE your campaign and figure out how you can separate the demographics so it makes it specific. Such as create a DUPLICATE CAMPAIGN or it may say COPY AD or along those lines. But make 2 similar ads; one with one male and one female. And keep the age and everything the same. Soon you will see all the females out clicking the males or vice versa. If the clicks on male and female are steady and average the same number, then no need to switch, just keep the sexes male and female together for the entire campaign. Now we can separate age; so it’s good to have a 10 year gap for each customer base… for example age 21 to 31 age 31 to 41 age 41 to 51. Now we can see which age groups are more interested in what we have to offer and after about 3 to 5 days you will see measurable results.

    Laser Targeted Keywords

    Lastly we will look at keywords. Start broad at first, then narrow down to no more than 10 keywords per campaign ad. Don’t forget to separate the key words into each own AD groups and looking to see which ones have a higher click through rate. Considering all this might cost you $50 to $100 about time the testing is all done. You want to keep a close eye on your ads. Another factor depends on what you set for your margins on maximum per click pay per click. ideally you do not want to spend no more than 30 cents per click. But to be competitive there’s nothing wrong with inserting 67 cents to try to increase your ranking on the page. The more clicks you are getting, the less you will have to spend per click.

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  • Average Low-Earner Makes $50 a day Online

    Who am I?

    Hello. I understand you don’t know me “from a lick of beans” so I want to first take the time to introduce myself. My name is Terre Alexander and I am a newly wed husband and new father of one child. I have been actively earning money since I was 12 when I saw how much my classmates wanted candy but they had no place to buy candy- so I would buy candy in bulk bags from Kroger and sell candy with my Taz cartoon fanny-pack from Six Flags!

    How did i get into this?money stacks

    First off, I did not make money online on my first two attempts. While failing at online marketing, my marketing for cleaning service took off and I lost track of all my other businesses and began to build and grow my property cleaning service. After 2 years, we was able to put the cleaning business on “auto-pilot” and now, my team has the time to look at other avenues of income to pursue. One of my team members said “why aren’t we any online business?” and my answer was “I don’t know…” Unsatisfied with my response, we took immediate action and began researching what are the many ways and techniques to make a sizable income online. And came across a few profitable ways to make money online. The top techniques came to Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping and Selling Services such as web design, selling leads or writing blogs.

    What do I do exactly ?

    The direction we decided to go with is Online Affiliate marketing. Why? If we think about it- that is what we already do- OFFLINE! We reach out to customers with phone calls, reminding them of our service. We post road signs weekly or bi-weekly. So marketing for products and services online is a natural task we feel and know is great to make some extra income. The first thing we do each day is POST FREE ONLINE ADS on a multitude of websites like craigslist, oodle, gumtreeads and backpage.com

    Next, we check out our affiliate back-offices for new products to market. Our team went with the vendors, clickbank.com, rapbank.com, linkshare.com and the most powerful; empowernetwork.com The results within our back-offices will determine what efforts we should focus on for the WEEK. With any business, you have to stay in the “NOW”. You must constantly ask yourself and FIND OUT what is trending. We can easily track our progress by looking at the analytics and statistics of sales and clicks. Each of these marketplaces need to be marketed on a very LARGE scale being that over 80 million people use the internet EVERYDAY.ppc results over 30percent

    So, this is where our pay per click(PPC) services come in handy. We first figure out what we are interested in; figure out the best keywords in relation to our product internet users type that attract a SALE. This takes a lot of our time- on average an hour per product, but once this step is complete; we can use our affiliate links and tracking ID with our PPC service. Please do your own research and SHOP around; being that each PPC service has different rates- GOOGLE ADWORDS being the most expensive and other service providers such as BURST MEDIA AND 7SEARCH.COM But with these services, we can perform “TEST MARKET” campaigns costing anywhere from $30 to $100 for us to measure results before performing a full market campaign which can be from $300 to $1,000.

    What do I love about this business?

    I love the ability to have my own free time. In the beginning, we spent over 8 hours a day perfecting, sharpening and working our internet business. But now, we spend about 4 hours or less a day online with targeted actions which brings us a minimum of $50 a day from online sales. These are not big numbers but this is not even a full year of work. Also, I have other income streams we have built and created so dampen any soft spots in our budget. I don’t have much freedom because I am still young and full of work spirit. But I do have CHOICE. I can CHOOSE to not work and play video-games or go to the beach. This ability to make a choice on what I want to do for the day was a dream when I was younger; working at a place which FORCED me to be there everyday 5 or 6 days of the week. I’m not into “going to the Bahamas” (although my wife is) I am more of a friends and family type of person. I enjoy just being around people. And my online business allows for a CHOICE to be made on a daily basis.

    What are the challenges?

    Like mentioned before; the first 3 to 4 months are the hardest. It requires about 1000 online hours to get your 1st payout and about $300 out of your own pocket, which is spent over time with monthly membership fees and services which streamlines my business online. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you set your foundation and goals FIRST before spending any money! Research, Research and more Research! So much research- I thought I was back in college! BORRRING! But all of this is VERY IMPORTANT.

    Inside tips and secrets

    The best advice I can give you is to KEEP TRACK and STAY ORGANIZED. Please take the 1st 8 hours creating FOLDERS on your hard drive or better create a GOOGLE+ account so you may take advantage of GOOGLE DRIVE, which is a “cloud” service where I keep all my important information and files; this way if my computer is destroyed- all I need to do is log into my GOOGLE+ account and recover ANY file I need. My second tip is to sign up for a separate email account for your online business that is NOT associated with SPAM and unnecessary emails. Be sure to CREATE FOLDERS in your email such as “INTRODUCTION EMAILS” so you can MOVE the “confirmation” emails which contain your NEW USER NAMES, PASSWORDS and account information, this way you can EASILY FIND what you are looking for later; when you need it. And finally and is absolutely necessary to make BIG money online- sign up and PAY for an auto-email responding service! There are companies out there like GETRESPONSE, ICONTACT AND the best, www.aweber.com who allows you to start for only $1!!!

    In Closing….

    Will you make $50 a day when you start your online business within your first 3 months? It is VERY possible- I have members in my team who have made $50 online within their first 100 hours online. Mainly because of my mentor’s proper DIRECTION and their personal situation. Is this a typical result? Not really. Mainly because many of us are unfortunate not to be in the top 2% due to our environments combined with poor decision making skills; which tend to carry along with our personal businesses. But if you FOCUS and take your time to build a GOOD FOUNDATION. You will set your business up for success. If you are interested in starting a work at home business for additional income – send me a message on FACEBOOK!

  • Becoming a card dealer make $100 to $300 a night


    Becoming a dealer may be kind of hard to become especially if you do not know where to start, where do you start? Well there is a few ways you can attack the problem often times it is better to be a player for awhile learning while you are playing much like people who are sports officials and coaches. The best way to become an official is to be a player and then become a official because the need to know the rules and regulations is a must. One objection many will have and the objection is justifible is “I don’t have enough cash to play games with my money and I don’t want to risk my fun money either”, well the best bet would be to find local places that play free rolls and take advantage of the free lessons one will have by playing these games. In order for someone to be successful you really don’t have to play the game at all just know the rules & regulations, have great dealer mechanics, good morals and find someone willing to give them a shot at dealing at their games.

    Suggested route 6 steps to dealing

    1 Become a player (free roll or cash), watch poker on espn and/or just learn what wins hands
    2 Learn the W.S.O.P rules and the rules & regulations of the type of poker you wish to deal and/or play
    3 Learn poker ethics
    4 Learn dealer mechanics by going to true poker dealer website and/or find a dealer willing to teach you the mechanics of the game
    5 Learn the rules and regulations and most importantly Practice, practice and more Practice
    6 Begin asking the managers or host about potential places that may allow you to deal games(start at a small level to ensure you are not over your head)

  • 3 Ways to Make Money Online

    After many conversations I thought it would be great information to start a small series that goes in depth of every type of way to make money online. There are so many ways to make money in the internet, putting all the information on one blog will be too long and boring. So keep coming back or subscribe via facebook #pmiyp or twitter @pmiyp to stay in the loop! So here we go!


    Drop shipping is when you find a manufacturer for a product online for a discounted price and attract customers to their product. The delivery method comes directly from the manufacturer after you accept payment for the order. Then the customer receives the product(s) directly from the manufacturer.

    Unfortunately I see too many people steer off the path of using the internet to make money. Mainly because they don’t want to spend money on the start up cost. So with DropShipping you have the advantage of NO over head, plus you don’t have to store any products and you don’t spend the time of physically shipping the items. All you have to do is run and manage your online store. It would take some time to get started but you could work anywhere in the world from your iPad or tablet!

    For example, I have a drop shipping arrangement with a watch manufacturer in New York City and sell his watches at WindingWay.com. I buy the watches at wholesale prices in blocks of 10, advertise the watches on my site and use PayPal to accept payment for each sale. When the order comes in I (or more likely, Joel, my assistant) forwards the order to the manufacturer, and they ship it to the customer. If I was more energetic, I would also sell those watches on eBay.

    Also, most of the customers don’t know you are dropshipping online, since ”private label shipping” lets you ship from the wholesaler with a return address and invoice customized to your e-commerce store.


    Many programmers, writers, graphic artists and data entry workers sell their services online through sites such as Elance.com
    One friend of mine makes her living designing business cards and other printed materials for businesses. She sells her design service online . My friend Joel is a skilled web designer. He has turned his skill into a full-time business which he advertises on his website and offline. He has also been my trusted virtual assistant for years. If you are a sales person; market for other businesses’ services.


    The most lucrative way to do business on the Internet is to sell your own product.
    However, there are lot of factors to consider if you are planning to sell your own products online such as the payment system, the storage as well as the shipping.
    Although there are already companies that offer order fulfillment solutions such as pick and pack services, drop shipping or even a complete fulfillment systems including the payment processing.
    Depending on the type of product you will be selling online you may not need to store and to ship any goods.

    Software and information products, in particular, are the best-selling products on the ‘Net and enjoy the best profit margins. Most cost virtually nothing but time to develop and entail PLUS no storage or shipping costs.

    Can you write? Then write an ebook to sell on websites such as Clickbank.com You can even turn it into a softcover using a PoD typing(Print-on-Demand) service. (Just in case you are thinking, “I’m not a WRITER, that’s not for me“, ANY AND EVERYONE has knowledge that SOMEONE ELSE wants TO HEAR and there are a number of ways to produce an info-product without having to write a word.) I use a program called DRAGON which record my voice while I TALK so there is NO TYPING being done – just my mind firing ideas into words. Very Simple.


    Are you a programmer? Create a piece of software for the business community to use OR better yet, build an iPad application. An October 2011 report stated that there are half a million apps in the Apple store, 140 thousand of which are iPad apps. Spread the word of your latest work in the iPad Store or become a vendor on CLICKBANK or RAPBANK to allow OTHERS to sell your product for you.

    I hope this helps. For my free training on starting YOUR online business; enter your e-mail HERE. I can show you how to make over 300% ROI within 12 months with LOW business cost. Also, If you like this type of information PLEASE LIKE and SUBSCRIBE by clicking the RSS or youtube button. If this is too much and you need a down-to-earth explanation on making money online; I am also on facebook so send me a message @terre slanderXander.