Becoming a cdl delivery truck driver paid to travel

Many people want to travel, many people don’t want to pay the cost to travel places and find themselves stuck behind a desk which they are not enjoying thier life. Becoming a truck driver does not intel drinking, doing drugs or some type of rockstar lifestlye but it will give you the ability to find a good source of income for your family, allow you to see much of the country and be able to run your own business. Many people want to do the jobs as a truck driver and many were like me who just didnt know how to really get into or just didnt know what company to go with. It is something that many people can find more detailed information of multiple companies that would actually pay for your schooling and have a job waiting for you once you have completed their training program. Normally most training programs require 3 to 6 weeks of just studying for the written exams, learning how to drive the truck, learning how to back/parallel the truck and trailer, once you have gotten your cdl you will be matched with a trainer over the road and will earn a small amount of money during but soon after will be on the road on your own shortly after you complete 1 to 2 months of on the road training.

Often times when people are owning their trucks or leasing their trucks people ask a question that varies depending on who you ask, how much money do you make hauling frieght. One of the biggest biggest reasons it varies is due to the way the person is choosing to finance their vehicle. Many people are financing or leasing new trucks that will cost between $2500 to $4000 a month and  will make less money then someone who is purchasing a used truck which will cost between $750 to $2,000 a month which already means the cost of business is less than those who finance new. If you are interest in learning more about your options take alook at the resources below for the following.

*learning about the industry

*Financing a new or used 18 wheeler

*Help with studying for the CDL written exams

*Finding a driver school

*Finding driver companies (train, provide job and experience)

Trucker and potential trucker resources

looking to learn more about the trucking industry trucking truths this is a great source.

Looking to finance a vehicle go to Lone mountain truck loans easy to get in and a overall great company that understands the business willing to finance a one man show. Another company that finance new or used trucks that offer warrenties with special repair programs is American Turck Showroom.

Looking for help with the written exam for the texas dps contact text 832-745-0652 “CDL Written exam wanted” for more info.

A list of the top 10 sponsored cdl truck driving companies can be found here

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