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Big Idea Mastermind Review – Is BIM The Next Big Thing In The Industry Or Is It Destined To Fail?

Within this Big Idea Mastermind review, we will determine if the company/promotion stands a chance to be a Fortune 500 business; and whether or not you are a fit for this work from anywhere opportunity. There are also chances are you’re looking for some information on the opportunity. The company itself officially launched it’s high level, low cost marketing and leads generation platform product on Febuary 26, 2013, and there is quite a buzz stirring about it. The amazing idea behind this company is that they will leverage it’s success inside the Empower Network’s compensation plan. If you’re truly serious about joining the company, I want to encourage you to hold off until you read this review so you can make an educated decision about getting involved.

This Video Gives an Overview of the Big Idea Mastermind.

I’m IN! Are You? If you want to position yourself (it’s only $45) RIGHT NOW, Click Here…
Big Idea Mastermind is the brainchild of my mentor, Vick Strizheus. Vick is an accomplished internet business developer; delivering training on how to get LASER TARGETED leads for network marketers. His esteemed program High Traffic Academy teaches internet marketers how to get over 364,000 unique targeted visitors in a day on a consistant basis.
Vick Strizheus understands that MLM leads generation can be difficult. That’s why he created the High Traffic Academy Program. In the High Traffic Academy program you learn how to get loads of traffic to your site consistently.
No more waiting months or weeks to see if those free traffic generation techniques are working. In the program Vick focuses solely on laser targeted online traffic strategies. He teaches some of the quickest and most effective ways to get millions of visitors to your website quickly and consistently.

Why Big Idea Mastermind Is Born:
As being one of his thousands of students, I know how Vick clearly listens to his students. There were those who wanted to make more money online than just small 30%-65% commissions on affiliate products. Armed with this information, Vick quickly went to work to create a mastermind marketing system for his students to use where they would earn 100% commissions and help them create multiple streams of massive income. He certainly has a “Big Idea”.

Why Join Big Idea Mastermind ATLANTA-HOUSTON?

Joining US with Big Idea Mastermind means you are about to join one of the highest and coolest masterminds in the industry and get access to one-of-a-kind automated marketing system which will allow you to create a realistic $5,000 per month income within 30-60 days and then double it in the next 60. That’s the goal of ALL my team members in Big Idea Mastermind-ATLANTA-HOUSTON.

Plus, I will personally MENTOR you; show you inside secrets for setting up a proper, LASER ACCURATE marketing campaign to get you JUMP-STARTED in your first 30 days! After entering your email- you will be contacted by ME directly and we will find your first 3 NICHES and begin building your online business and get you sales within weeks! No ONLINE experience? Not a writer? Don’t let negative thoughts defeat you! Take action-TODAY! Once you take initiative- we will build you up! My TEAM will even BLOG for you* (up to 100 blogs), until you understand how to generate your own organic traffic-which won’t take long with my ‘down to earth’ training along side with the in-depth, step by step videos from Vick Strizheus! I don’t care if you have a car or riding the bus! Enter your email and I will coach you.

How is Big Idea Mastermind Going To Do That?

Simple. This system will use Empower Network as a vehicle and Big Idea Mastermind is a driving force (the engine) that will power this vehicle and make it move faster than anything you’ve ever seen before! It is designed to make a huge difference in the industry and change a LOT of lives for the better… starting with YOU.

Why Use Empower Network as a Vehicle?

It’s the hottest vehicle there is right now. And Big Idea Mastermind is going to capitalize on that by powering it with its’ own unique custom marketing system and building it right in to the Big Idea Mastermind.
Vick chose Empower Network for 3 main reasons:
1. Great Leadership
2. Great Products
3. 100% Commissions

Your next step right now is to position yourself on the Comp. Plan with Empower Network. Do you want to earn $25 per sale or do you want to earn $4,622.00 per sale? If yes, Click Here:


1.Monthly Payments (a big no-no for people who do not understand business)

2.The Hardest Time is getting your first 7 sales

3.Low Amount of Training on BASIC level ($45/mo)


1.We sit down and make a PLAN to make sure you BREAK EVEN in your business monthly within first 6 months or LESS!!*

2.Give us YOUR commitment and will will MATCH it. If you get one sale. We will get you a sale.* Keep in mind- Your Big Idea Online Marketing System SELLS ITSELF!-VIDEOS, EMAIL AUTO-RESPONDER SCRIPTS, ADS, SALES FUNNELS AND MORE are included! All it takes is 30 sales to make a consistant $1,000+/mo!! If you get ONE sale a week for 7 months, with BASIC level– you will reach this PASSIVE income. You do the hard work ONCE, and never have to do it again!

3. Even if you join at BASIC level. Our team will SHOW and TEACH you SECRETS and techniques the “BIG DOGS” are using such as Direct/Solo Ads, Facebook/Social Media LEADS, OFFLINE marketing methods and MORE!(i WOULD put it all but others will copy us)

*Requires your commitment of 6 months and team engagement. We will NOT deal with people who are NOT COMMITTED to their OWN business anymore. Nothing in life is GIVEN to anyone-including US who spend a lot of HOURS mentoring away from our families to help OTHERS.

Now the final question: Is Big Idea Mastermind the Next Big Thing on the internet, or is it doomed to fail? Well, you decide: Empower Network, the 194th most trafficked website in the US (beating out Kayak, Reuters, and Dell) according to with 90,000 members strong (as of January 12, 2013). Big Idea Mastermind was launched the same year, the following month. Its been ONE YEAR and ‘BIG’ has already SURPASSED 90,000 members!! You decide. Enter your email for FREE step by step video training.


You are about to start your business online by having a Website of YOUR personal interest where you post your findings weekly. Your website also has UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH so you can upload HOW TO-VIDEOS, and/or 1000’s of pictures! This website will have the capability to be monetized with your OWN commision/product links and banners where if and when your visitors click and/or purchase, you earn serious COMMISSIONS in your sleep! All this plus continual, DAY to DAY training and workshops that will sharpen your skills as a website owner over time, showing you how your new website can make BIG MONEY! Most trainings are in VIDEO form and you can watch and LEARN on YOUR OWN TIME. All of this for only $25 a MONTH!

P.S. As an additional “BONUS” for reading this LONG PAGE- If you JOIN my email TRAINING, I will send you a copy of a 200+ page ebook on Affiliate Marketing Online. Packed with loads of information and pitfalls to avoid for new online affiliate marketing. Just respond to my email trainings with the word “BONUS” in the RE box. I will look for your email and send it right away!

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