Fundraising Selling Water, candy and goods for money

It amazes me how many people have their hand out when they are completely broke and need money… I say it amazes me because my pride has never allowed me to ask a stranger on a street near a freeway… On the other hand I find the easiest way to place acouple dollars in your pocket and maintain your pride, by selling items on the street, Money+service/item=fair exchange.

If you were going to a job interview you only have $25.00 in your name, no one to borrow money from, what do you do?

Step 1) Purchase a cooler from Wal-mart or sporting goods store for $10 to $20, you don’t want a small one and you don’t want one to big unless you have wheels under it.

Step 2)Purchase ICE, waters, gatoraid, power aid and whateverever kinds of tasty treats.

Step 3) Finding a big sheet of paper or yard sign to place a funny slogan

Step 4) Finding a good location, not all location are good and not all locations are going to be booming with money, you have to figure out your area, take notes and remember you can make $20 in 20 minutes or make only $5 for a hour… Hot and cold times and it’s all about someone who is thristy coming in your presence that makes the difference

Example 1 no gatoraid, water only with cooler and ice

Example 2 gatoraid, water, ice and cooler

Example 1 Example 2
Cooler $15 $15
Water 30 $ 5($30) $ 5($30)
Gator 16 mini n/a $ 8($32)
ICE $ 2 $ 2
——- ——–
Ivestment $22 $30
Potential inc $30 $62
——- ———
$8 profit $32 profit

After origanl invesment of the cooler using the profit
Example 1 Example 2
Water 60 $10(60) $10(60)
Gator 16 mini n/a $8(32)
Ice $4 $4
——— ————-
Invesment $14 $22
potential inc$60 $92
——— ————-
Profit $44 $70

Where are the best places to plan yourself
*Running events
*School yards
*Parks and playgrounds
*highway exits during rush hour
*Outside of gyms

If you know anymore hot spots feel free to leave a message and I will post it

-Stay hydrated my friend

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