How to Earn $100k in Gross Sales in your Carpet Cleaning Business within 1 Year

hey whats going on everyone. Just wanted to make a video in a different format, becuase- you know – getting over 100 subscribers…umm…I want to make sure that the content is changing, ever-so-slightly, so umm…in this video. I am going to go over a concept that one of the channels that I am subscribed to, Roger Lloyd – he’s the administrator of ‘The Carpet Cleaning World’- you can search “Carpet Cleaning World” on Facebook and I believe you should be able to find that group. If you cannot, I will be sure to leave a link in the description that goes to his Facebook Group. Yeah, I have been subscribed to Roger Llyod for at least a year now, and it seems that I always learn something new, when I do listen to his advise, as far as like with your business and everything like that.

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