How to make $1,000 refinishing hardwood floors without sanding

I’ve been cleaning hardwood floors for over 5 years now and refinishing hardwood floors can seem a bit intimidating at first but with a little practice and know how you can be refinishing floors just like a pro and making money in your spare time. This article does contain my amazon links to the products used in this project. If you find this blog informative, please support us by checking out the products by clicking the links.

The key thing to refinishing any hardwood floor is cleaning making sure you are prepping your Surface to have finisher applied to it. So after all prep work; make sure you thoroughly clean the floor- one final time and allow the hardwood floor to dry for at least 2 hours before applying your Harwood Floor Finisher.

There are many types of Finishing Products out there in our video we show a very effective and low-cost product that can make you at least $1,000. Also there are other products that will finish the floor with a higher price tag such as oil based polyurethane and water based polyurethane. We prefer water based polyurethane products because the application is easier plus the finished product is a stronger more durable floor.

For very good results it is highly recommended to use wool skin applicator pads rather than microfiber applicator pads. He should be able to cover 300 square foot with each applicator pad refill, so budget and plan your hardwood floor refinishing project accordingly for the square footage that is needed. It is also recommended to always get two extra pads just in case somebody contaminates one – such as placing it on a dirty floor before it touches the clean floor – because the lambskin applicator pad attracts EVERY and ALL small particles. This can get your cloth lamb skin applicator pad trapped with a lot of small particles and the fur can get clogged very easily, rendering the pad useless.

Be sure to follow the instructions well if the instructions say apply a THICK COAT –  please be liberal applying coats of finnish; you will notice you are leaving a white milky residue, do not worry, it will clear up and look good later. Just be sure to repeat your application technique, evenly through the entire project. If you see the revisit video below when we came back to first area that we worked on, was not finished correctly and there were patches on the floor. So learn from OUR mistakes and be sure to apply the finish in the SAME MANNER throughout the entire project. If you use one style of application; such as Feathering 2 times-make sure you feather two times- through the ENTIRE project. Becuase if you feather one time, in SOME areas – when the Finish dries, you WILL notice all areas that were not performed in the same manner.

How to find clients who will pay for your services

Our services are getting found from Google and Local advertisments. Our most powerful way of marketing, becuase of cost and effectiveness – is ROAD SIGNS. Yes, little plastic road signs that say “Hardwood Floor Cleaning” then our phone number. The cost is about $200 for well printed yard signs. You can find them cheaper if you purchase your signs online. When a prospect reaches out to you and ask about your services, just let them know what your starting rates are, and set up a FREE walk-through estimate. When you arrive, please have a professional looking appearence, a shirt with NO LOGOS (unless its your company’s), tucked in, and some nice shoes and pants. You do not need a van or truck. I have a 2008 Honda CRV that has no graphics or magnet on the door. Just bring something to write down your measurements and notes that your prospect will tell you as you walk the project. The important thing is to KEEP THEM TALKING! Keep asking questions about thier needs, deadlines, have they called other professionals, what were their estimates, etc. The prospect can give a damn what you know how to do – they just want to let you know what they need you to do.

We recommend the product used for this project. Its called Minwax Floor Reviver. It is perfect for adding a great finish to hardwood floors that do not need sanding or repairs! If you found this post helpful, please support us by clicking our affiliated link and check out the price on Amazon- no purchase is nessesary for us to recieve credit, so thank you all who checked it out!

Minwax Hardwood Floor Retorer was very easy to use and gave profesional results on floors that are worn, scratched or dull. Again, application requires NO SANDING! Just squirt on the floor, spread with application tool, just as in the video and let it dry! You will see how Minwax restores the beauty and luster to your hardwood floor. The formula is water based, specially formulated polyurethane and easy to clean-up. And we love the LOW GLOSS formula for that natural finished look.

For more topics on how to make money, check out our other post on or visit our YouTube channel for special playlist that show all types of ways our community members are putting money into their pockets.

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