Making money investing in mobile homes

First I would like to go over my experience dealing with real estate and investing in real estate which I feel allows me to go over the advantages of going for a mobile home instead of a sfh single family home, condo or apartment. Many people feel that the mobile home community is not one of the best moves to make as an investor due to the land lot restrictions and the electrical usage being higher then the sfh. Besides those 2 faults the other big rebuttal would be the fact that most people do not feel comfortable living in a mobile home enviroment, which I would say this venture may not be for you as well as a million dollars may not be for others. Now the advantages of securing a mobile home property in my opinion is greater then the cons considering… Let’s compare the mobile home venture to 3 different type of property choices

#1 SFH vs Mobile Home

>SFH needs more capital to secure property

>SFH generally do not have Land lot rent

>SFH everyone wants a SFH

>Mobile homes are much like apartments, only baby step to get towards a SFH


#2 Townhome vs Mobile Home

>Cost for Mobile Home is generally less then the average townhome

>Their is HOA fees and the land lot rent generally the same, the cost similar

>Townhome are just like apartments but you can own them

>Mobile home if you own the land, can be less costly then apartment, SFH or condo

#3 Apartment vs Mobile Home

>You never own a apartment

>You receive nothing when you leave an apartment

>You have to worry about tow companies and neighbors at apartments

>You are subject to crazy HOA rules with apartments


Things to consider while looking for a mobile home


1 Land lot rent, buying the structure and land or securing your land and then getting the property

2 Amount of money you are willing to pay for a mobile home

3 Location, Location and of course location

4 number of bedrooms

5 The bathroom condition

6 resale value, when you buy it you have to have a goal of how much

Overall cost consideration dealing with a mobile home

1 cost of the property itself

2 cost of repairs

Considering the amount of money that one must come up with to get a real estate property to secure it, bring it up to livable condition and to resell it mobile homes may be the best move for people who do not have over 10k to invest with.

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