Wine sampling and demoing business

Often times you see people at stores like Walmart, grocery stores, liqueur stores and convenient stores sampling out products for different companies. Maybe its bubble gum, steak, alcohol, food products, lotion or other products for big name brand companies. When you look at them you would think they make minimum wage, right? Something as simple as handing someone a gift card isn’t hard and should not require allot of money to pay someone to do, yes and no… If you are used to make $40 an hour then the amount of money you can make isn’t that big of a deal to you, but if you are working at a place paying less then $10 an hour it is allot of money you can make starting out in the sampling brand building business. When you first start working a business brand building products you first want to learn the ropes by signing up with a bran building agency near you, often times the best experience you can get is with a promo company to learn how to sell before going to the brand building company due to learning marketing strategies from others. If you are to do the event with no prior studies of marketing know how then your sells will be low and you may be over whelmed as a result. As they say you may feel like they “threw you to the wolves” instead of feeling this way you can learn from others and watch others at work.

If you are the type to say I can do my own research on marketing strategies then you may want to do so. Learning strategies like L.O.A(law of Averages), F.U.G.I(Fear Urgency Greed indifference) and other marketing formulas will greatly help you learn how to sale and get over the no’s. Often time marketing isn’t for most people due to the no’s no one likes to hear a no from anyone and when we hear a no we feel like the person is saying no to us instead of no to the proposal or no to your ideal, which is what the person is saying no to. When someone first says “no” ignore it unless the tone tells you to respect it, but often times society has taught us to say no before knowing what you are saying no to and once you have explained to them your proposal often times they come around to at least hearing you out and trying it bare minimum.

When someone says no what does it mean to you? How do you feel? Do you stop? or continue?… When you do the math on the no’s and yes’s you will soon understand that there will most times always be more no’s then yes’s but when the yes’s flow at times its like the yes’s keep coming and sales are high. I mention the marketing expect of the game over just letting you know how to begin because often times many of the companies you may promote will pay base+commission or base or commission which means its good to know how to market correctly instead of just winging it. Often times the promo business as a independent contractor will not teach you how to sale but wish to pay you to sale, which is funny because you would think that they want you to know how to increase their numbers, which isn’t the case often.

6 steps to begin promoting in a area near you
1 Find promo companies using search engines(Cross-mark is one of the biggest promo companies out there but they only start you at $11 hourly, sampling wine at $20)
2 Get alcohol certified so you can work alcohol events because they pay $20/hr minimum
3 apply to the companies with a revised resume catered to the job
4 Purchase equipment needed if necessary(folding table, clothe, trash can, scanner/printer, other tools pending on the job) often times they will give you the table and items but you may have instruction to get items
5 Be professional, learn how to do your reports, network with others for opportunities, have fun and make money
6 Wine knowledge, after you have gotten into the business make it a point to learn more about the wines so you can help others with their choices and the more you know the more others will be willing to talk to you about wine

This is considered creme on top of the pie, not meaning to be the pie itself but to amplify your earning potential. The best events to do is the alcohol because they pay a minimum of $20 an hour, the benefit of doing the others maybe that you potentially can take home what has not been sampled out and can most times determine what events and when to do them.

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