What are the top 10 tools needed for a Start-up Handyman Business

There are many perks to starting your own Handyman Business! There is nothing like doing a job that you already have passion for; many say, if you love your work- you’re not working at all! Most of you thinking of starting a business performing handyman work, already have basic tools but before you go out to jobs, but these are the top of the list or must-haves for all of you who are about to start taking on handyman work in y0ur local area.

As stated most of you already have these tools, but we surveyed 10 handymen and asked the question of their MUST HAVE tools and found a pattern from their answers. Another great thing about starting your own handyman business is the low start-up cost, when it comes to tools- as stated mosted of you already have these tools so here we go:

GearWrench Gimbal Ratchet


FiberFix Repair Wrap

Stanley FUBAR Demolition Bar

Stanley is coming out with a new FuBar demolition bar and remodeling tool, the 55-134, which is designed quite differently than the several other FuBar demo bars in their lineup. Most notably, the new FuBar has an edged blade designed for cutting and chopping.


  1. Large precision chisel and prying end for ripping, cutting and prying
  2. Striking surfaces to provide additional cutting or prying power
  3. Wide beveled pry bar with nail puller
  4. Secondary nail puller in the prying face for added leverage
  5. Bolt-on grip for comfort and less slipping

Crescent Locking Adjustable Wrench

The Crescent 10 in. Locking Adjustable Wrench features an innovative design that gives you the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the gripping power of a locking plier. This wrench can be used anywhere a standard adjustable wrench would be used while providing 2 times the grip on rounded fasteners. The wrench features a dual material comfort grip and a quick release handle.

  • Delivers 2X gripping power on rounded fasteners
  • Jaw features grooved teeth for added grip
  • Adjustable jaw works on a wide variety of fastener sizes
  • Maximum jaw opening is 1 in.
  • Large releasing lever
  • Non-slip comfort grip
  • Laser etched scale in SAE and metric
  • Chrome plated finishes resists rust and corrosion

Fiskars IsoCore Finishing Hammer

This rugged, powerful finishing hammer allows you to put the final touches on your project while helping to reduce muscle fatigue and joint pain. Premium steel is forged into a perfectly balanced design to make every swing your best. Fiskars patented, industry-leading IsoCore Shock Control System absorbs strike shock and vibrations.

Bradley Mountain Utility Roll

Griffin Pocket Tool XL Titanium.

The Griffin Pocket Tool XL is now on Kickstarter, we knew we had to check it out.

The new Griffin Pocket Tool XL is 50 percent bigger than the original, with over 15 functions. New features include a nail prying tool inset in the chisel, rulers on both sides of the tool in inch and millimeter increments, a bit retainer (handy if you’ve got a multi-bit screwdriver too) and the choice of US or metric sized hex wrenches.

The rest of the features we liked about the original Griffin are of course all still there – a scoring tool to quickly open boxes, bottle opener, drillbit driver, pocket clip, prying tool, and wrenches. All in a single, solid piece of stainless steel. It’s a little more expensive than the first Griffin – you could get one of those for $15 (roughly Rs. 1,000), while the XL will set you back by $20 (approximately Rs. 1,300).

This is the ‘swiss army knife’ for hanymen.

Worx Switchdriver

This 20V Switchdriver holds multiple bit pairings so you get your work done twice as fast, with half the hassle. No more fumbling around for loose bits. Just give the head a quick twist and switch from drilling to driving in an instant. And since the Switchdriver is part of the 20V Power Share platform, you can share batteries with other 20V WORX tools you already own, saving time and money.

Best Features:

Rotating dual chucks let you switch between bits faster than ever

Electronic torque control prevents the stripping of screws

Variable 2-speed gearing tackles all common drilling & driving functions

1/4″ hex quick-change chucks for easy bit change-out


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