Average Low-Earner Makes $50 a day Online

Who am I?

Hello. I understand you don’t know me “from a lick of beans” so I want to first take the time to introduce myself. My name is Terre Alexander and I am a newly wed husband and new father of one child. I have been actively earning money since I was 12 when I saw how much my classmates wanted candy but they had no place to buy candy- so I would buy candy in bulk bags from Kroger and sell candy with my Taz cartoon fanny-pack from Six Flags!

How did i get into this?money stacks

First off, I did not make money online on my first two attempts. While failing at online marketing, my marketing for cleaning service took off and I lost track of all my other businesses and began to build and grow my property cleaning service. After 2 years, we was able to put the cleaning business on “auto-pilot” and now, my team has the time to look at other avenues of income to pursue. One of my team members said “why aren’t we any online business?” and my answer was “I don’t know…” Unsatisfied with my response, we took immediate action and began researching what are the many ways and techniques to make a sizable income online. And came across a few profitable ways to make money online. The top techniques came to Affiliate Marketing, Drop Shipping and Selling Services such as web design, selling leads or writing blogs.

What do I do exactly ?

The direction we decided to go with is Online Affiliate marketing. Why? If we think about it- that is what we already do- OFFLINE! We reach out to customers with phone calls, reminding them of our service. We post road signs weekly or bi-weekly. So marketing for products and services online is a natural task we feel and know is great to make some extra income. The first thing we do each day is POST FREE ONLINE ADS on a multitude of websites like craigslist, oodle, gumtreeads and backpage.com

Next, we check out our affiliate back-offices for new products to market. Our team went with the vendors, clickbank.com, rapbank.com, linkshare.com and the most powerful; empowernetwork.com The results within our back-offices will determine what efforts we should focus on for the WEEK. With any business, you have to stay in the “NOW”. You must constantly ask yourself and FIND OUT what is trending. We can easily track our progress by looking at the analytics and statistics of sales and clicks. Each of these marketplaces need to be marketed on a very LARGE scale being that over 80 million people use the internet EVERYDAY.ppc results over 30percent

So, this is where our pay per click(PPC) services come in handy. We first figure out what we are interested in; figure out the best keywords in relation to our product internet users type that attract a SALE. This takes a lot of our time- on average an hour per product, but once this step is complete; we can use our affiliate links and tracking ID with our PPC service. Please do your own research and SHOP around; being that each PPC service has different rates- GOOGLE ADWORDS being the most expensive and other service providers such as BURST MEDIA AND 7SEARCH.COM But with these services, we can perform “TEST MARKET” campaigns costing anywhere from $30 to $100 for us to measure results before performing a full market campaign which can be from $300 to $1,000.

What do I love about this business?

I love the ability to have my own free time. In the beginning, we spent over 8 hours a day perfecting, sharpening and working our internet business. But now, we spend about 4 hours or less a day online with targeted actions which brings us a minimum of $50 a day from online sales. These are not big numbers but this is not even a full year of work. Also, I have other income streams we have built and created so dampen any soft spots in our budget. I don’t have much freedom because I am still young and full of work spirit. But I do have CHOICE. I can CHOOSE to not work and play video-games or go to the beach. This ability to make a choice on what I want to do for the day was a dream when I was younger; working at a place which FORCED me to be there everyday 5 or 6 days of the week. I’m not into “going to the Bahamas” (although my wife is) I am more of a friends and family type of person. I enjoy just being around people. And my online business allows for a CHOICE to be made on a daily basis.

What are the challenges?

Like mentioned before; the first 3 to 4 months are the hardest. It requires about 1000 online hours to get your 1st payout and about $300 out of your own pocket, which is spent over time with monthly membership fees and services which streamlines my business online. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you set your foundation and goals FIRST before spending any money! Research, Research and more Research! So much research- I thought I was back in college! BORRRING! But all of this is VERY IMPORTANT.

Inside tips and secrets

The best advice I can give you is to KEEP TRACK and STAY ORGANIZED. Please take the 1st 8 hours creating FOLDERS on your hard drive or better create a GOOGLE+ account so you may take advantage of GOOGLE DRIVE, which is a “cloud” service where I keep all my important information and files; this way if my computer is destroyed- all I need to do is log into my GOOGLE+ account and recover ANY file I need. My second tip is to sign up for a separate email account for your online business that is NOT associated with SPAM and unnecessary emails. Be sure to CREATE FOLDERS in your email such as “INTRODUCTION EMAILS” so you can MOVE the “confirmation” emails which contain your NEW USER NAMES, PASSWORDS and account information, this way you can EASILY FIND what you are looking for later; when you need it. And finally and is absolutely necessary to make BIG money online- sign up and PAY for an auto-email responding service! There are companies out there like GETRESPONSE, ICONTACT AND the best, www.aweber.com who allows you to start for only $1!!!

In Closing….

Will you make $50 a day when you start your online business within your first 3 months? It is VERY possible- I have members in my team who have made $50 online within their first 100 hours online. Mainly because of my mentor’s proper DIRECTION and their personal situation. Is this a typical result? Not really. Mainly because many of us are unfortunate not to be in the top 2% due to our environments combined with poor decision making skills; which tend to carry along with our personal businesses. But if you FOCUS and take your time to build a GOOD FOUNDATION. You will set your business up for success. If you are interested in starting a work at home business for additional income – send me a message on FACEBOOK!

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