Becoming a card dealer make $100 to $300 a night


Becoming a dealer may be kind of hard to become especially if you do not know where to start, where do you start? Well there is a few ways you can attack the problem often times it is better to be a player for awhile learning while you are playing much like people who are sports officials and coaches. The best way to become an official is to be a player and then become a official because the need to know the rules and regulations is a must. One objection many will have and the objection is justifible is “I don’t have enough cash to play games with my money and I don’t want to risk my fun money either”, well the best bet would be to find local places that play free rolls and take advantage of the free lessons one will have by playing these games. In order for someone to be successful you really don’t have to play the game at all just know the rules & regulations, have great dealer mechanics, good morals and find someone willing to give them a shot at dealing at their games.

Suggested route 6 steps to dealing

1 Become a player (free roll or cash), watch poker on espn and/or just learn what wins hands
2 Learn the W.S.O.P rules and the rules & regulations of the type of poker you wish to deal and/or play
3 Learn poker ethics
4 Learn dealer mechanics by going to true poker dealer website and/or find a dealer willing to teach you the mechanics of the game
5 Learn the rules and regulations and most importantly Practice, practice and more Practice
6 Begin asking the managers or host about potential places that may allow you to deal games(start at a small level to ensure you are not over your head)

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