Becoming a Math teacher to fund your mission and to build a math foundation

I feel as though those that love the subject of math would love to help others become successful by teaching math. Math is a subject that can help others become great business people due to the huge need for math when dealing with money, objects and people. The better you are at it the lest likely someone can fool you in it. Being able to excel in it requires having a foundation knowledge that can continue to grow.

A few subjects you must be good at in order to take on the task of becoming a math teacher:
Knowing how to teach individuals concepts and formulas on their level
Number concepts
Probability and statistics

outside of knowing math the next step would be to become teacher certified which you can become through ACP programs if you are not certified through your BA degree. Honestly it would be easier to get a degree in what you are true-ly passionate about and get certified using the ACP program unless you plan on retiring as a teacher. The reason I say this is because teaching money is secure and stable but may not be what you want to do until you retire and the money made can be used to fund other missions. If you have stable money coming in you are able to start working on that master degree, that certification that cost or that business venture that you can not afford to fund with the stable money.

The fields that admire those who are proficient in math:



Computer programming

and more… a list of 21 jobs that could benefit from the use of knowledge of math

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