The ill effects of the egocentric me, I want it now syndrome Americans posses

The ego makes individuals not think of the group in many scenarios and makes it easy for us to not care about others, why because we are being programmed to. The ill effects of people not taking in consideration of the group, family or team they are apart of regardless of how great of a player they are can do more harm than good if they are not a team player. The easiest way to think of it can be easily found in sports considering team sports if the stars on the team are not working together then they will be beat by teams that are not half as talented but who work together as one. The present day thinking when dealing with co-workers, business partners, spouses and people in general is the ego of the I that stops star players to not win compared to those who have a more mature mind states who can forget the I for the Team.

The only time people can take themselves out of the number one spot is when dealing with their children or when they feel they can get something out of the deal. The programs that we use to self enrich our lives from those who were successful comes from figures like Donald Thrump, other wall street wolves and self centered music/movie stars who do not consider the ill effects of spreading their beliefs of taking the most of the pie and forgetting about the rest. If you consider the fact that if you were on a team and every one on the team were given the opportunity to be given more or less and their is a limited amount available the majority of people would do thier best to have more then everyone else on the team. These thoughts are things we are taught by characters like Donald Thrump who will only do things that would benefit him and may seem like he is doing something to help you but really doing it only for their advancement and political agenda.

We have all worked jobs or projects that we require some form of co-oped work dealing with task that make it more than a 3 man operation which means you must learn how to trust others, leave your ego at the door and to be able to work as a team. Being able to trust others to do what they are assigned to do, what they say they will do and being able to feel that they have the best interest of the group is mandatory for a successful team. When their is a lack of trust or the ability not to know that a project will be completed on time makes it 5 times harder to work with them. In order for everyone to advance everyone needs to leave their ego at the door, their is always task that someone can do better then other and their strengths and weaknesses makes it so that every person has a different role in the team… Why would a 5’8 center play the center positon or a center play the point guard position? they wouldn’t, play your position the best you can and help others play theirs. Working as a team is harder than working as individual. Working as a unit is harder than working as a single individual… But the fruits of your labor is much more when you can manage a team or just work as a team.

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