Feeding the ego, Selfie Stick Sells

Today’s average person loves to be in the spotlight, wants to have somekind memory for every event in their life and loves to take selfies. If you went to a major event, the people who attend the event dress to impress, look great/smell great and they want to have memories to place in cyberspace or cell phone. Many times when people are looking to take individual picture of themselves or a group picture you dont want to bother someone or have someone willong to take the pictures. The way to be able to make allot of momney during these events is selling selfie sticks at major events sports, festivals, clubs and malls. The objective is to purchase a small number of selfie sticks to test of the market and then use the porfit to purchase more and continue selling. people are willing to buy selfie sticks at major events $15 to 25 dollars which you can purchase online for $4.99 to $9.99 depending on the total amount purchased.

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