Tools Needed to earn $100 an Hour Gutter Cleaning

[ Gutter cleaning on single story homes could cost as low as $60, whereas gutters on taller buildings or homes could carry extra risk and cost as much as $325 for cleaning.  – Home ]

This is a service that every hustler should do if they are not affraid of heights.

DISCLAIMER: Please use full safety proceedures when using a ladder. You can easily hurt yourself from tripping from the SECOND step – and you risk DEATH from climbing up 2 or more stories in height when you are cleaning gutters.

In this article I will show the tools I use and highly recommend – if you have any tools or gutter cleaning business ideas – please join our FACEBOOK GROUP.

When Gutter Cleaning in a professional mannor – we need to be able to clear the gutters of leaves and debris, inspect all downspouts of clogs and wipe clean the exteriors – in some cases.

A large population needs their gutters cleaned ANNUALLY – which means you build a client that MUST call you back EVERY YEAR or MORE!

With a “cheap” cleaning going for $99 and the average cleaning $239 – you can make a lot of money gutter cleaning every year with little start up cost.

Equipment Needed to make money Cleaning Gutters


These are the bread and butter of your service. You can not perform without at least the ability to access a 2-story home. I find the Telescopic / Collaspable Ladder is perfect for start-up gutter cleaning businesses because it can fit in a Sedan – along with your other tools and equipment listed below – you can clean 1-story homes and charge up to $200 per home – if the gutters are really clogged up and neglected. But when you can- upgrade or RENT a 24 – FOOT LADDER for 2-story homes. Your telescoping ladder can still assist you on the job.


When gutter cleaning for money, investing in protecting your hands shoud be your FIRST PRIORITY. I find that the cheapest solution is to spend $20 or less for a box of 30 pairs of HEAVY DUTY blue gloves from RITE AID. They have the best for the price. Their gloves are extra durable and located in the First Aid aisle. I like how they are disposable when worn too much – but here are some work gloves that allow you to still use your smart devices while protecting your hands.

5 Gal Buckets

You will need at least one 5 Gallon Bucket to dump the access debris from the gutters. Be sure to dump the debris away from the home, into the tree line.

Gutter Scoops

We use a product called Gutter Getter. They are Red Gutter Cleaning Scoops that your place inside the gutter and stuff the debris into them. They normally cost about $10 each, but their price may go up – check price HERE.

Extention Pole

This tool is needed to make your jobs go FASTER and SAFER. Using an Extention pole with a PROGUTTER Tool attatched to it, will allow you to reach and clean gutters – without having to keep climbing back up and down – also you are moving the ladder LESS.

ProGutter Tools

The ProGutter company makes some of the best gutter cleaning tools on the market. Their products not only safe your hands and time – but they are durable and last a long time – well worth the investment. Click here for a great attachment tool by ProGutter.

Gutter Cleaning Robot

Looj Gutter Cleaning Robot is the latest in technology! This robot can clean gutters that are just unaccessable or the gutters that are too dangerous to risk your life on. Plus – looks really COOL! The iRobot Looj 330 uses a remote control, so you can simply place the robot into the gutter – and control the spinning head to power forward, sweeping the gutters clean! Another cool feature is that the Looj 330 is WATERPROOF! So if you have a really clogged gutter – the iRobot Looj is completley submersable – so there are NO WORRIES of waterdamage! The only two problems with the robot gutter cleaning tool. Number 1 – It is not that effective on REALLY clogged gutters – its best for gutters with loose debris. Number 2 – This tool cleans gutters in a MESSY fashion – throwing leaves, debris, water EVERYWHERE – causing more clean up work, after using the iRobot Looj 330 – So the tool is situational at best. I personally like the tool but the reviews are 50/50 on Amazon. Heres a video of me demonstrating the power of the Looj 330 on a gutter cleaning job, a while back in my ‘young days’!

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