Entry Level Equipement Needed to make $200 a house Cleaning Windows

Would you like to get paid to clean someone elses home? Are you currently cleaning homes and doing the windows inside and wonder- how much you would make if you helped the property looked better by also cleaning the exterior of the windows? Did you know the average price per window cleaning is $7 to $10(full service-ofcourse!) This article will show the BASICS of professional window cleaning so you will know what is needed when you just start your window cleaning services.

What tools do you need

We will have to say that window cleaning or any cleaning gets complex in some situations. What if the home is 2 or 3 stories or HIGHER? What if you have to remove screens that you have never encountered? What is the best cleaning solution that will dry with NO STREAKS? These are the tools my business used when we first started our cleaning company. If you find this article helpful – support us by clicking our links to the products when you need to resupply on Amazon. Thanks!

Clean towels are KEY to getting your work done FASTER. Always have at least 12 clean towels per job. Half will be Terry Clothes and the other half will be Micro-fiber towels . You will also need a bucket that can hold at least one gallon of mixed window cleaning solution. We use a bucket with 2 compartments, so one side has CLEAN water – the other side is where we ring out the dirty water. This keeps your water clean LONGER. The next tool is your Window Squeegee. You will need various sizes to start. To keep it simple, start with large window squeegees and work your way down in size. The reason is becuase the smaller windows can be done by hand better and the large squeegee on a large window will also make the job FASTER. Most importantly – your window cleaning solution of choice for our business is UNGER Window Cleaner. Unger Brands are the best that you can find over the counter at your local Home Depot- or check it out on Amazon for the latest price and have your supplies at your door within 5 days or less- worry free.

After about 3 to 5 jobs, you should consider making your first ‘investment’ back into your business and get these purchases to not only make your job easier – but make you look more professional on each cleaning visit.

A window cleaning mop and holster will make your job faster when cleaning medium to large size windows. You will also need a soft bristle hand brush to brush clean the window screens. An extention pole is a real money maker – allowing you to clean 2 story windows with ease. Lastly – don’t forget to stock up on vinyl gloves and shoe covers. When you have over $500 a week in business – do yourself and your team a favor – UPGRADE to a backpack vacuum. Saving you more time on each job and making the work easier.

What services will you offer

As stated earlier you can charge up to $10 a window in most residential service orders. This is where in most cases the window is really high up, its a normal window but BOTH SIDES of the glass are cleaned; plus the screens and inside tracks are included. So we like to give 3 options – YOU – YOU – YOU. Start by asking how many windows – package your cleaning by setting a MINIMUM order at 10-15 windows, then you have most orders with up to 20 windows, then up to 30 windows and so forth. That is how you will describe your service- by the window amount. Then you can create prices that meet your minimum sales criteria – but in general, charge $2 per side of glass, $2 per window screen and $2 per window tract.

So to make it easy on how to price – First ask how many windows, then ask what do they need done, then multiply the cost per task – But always remind them that your price is just an estimate and their final price will be given on site- after your walkthrough.

How to find clients

Window cleaning is a task not ordered by many – but is a needed service by most. We find targeting your current clients are the best methods. Most of them probably do not know that they need or that you even perform Full Service Window Cleaning – so send a mailing to all your current clients or mention in your email campains and ofcourse IN PERSON that you do window cleaning. Walk up marketing is not recommended unless you have a lot of time, energy and PERSISTANCE. Walk up sales requires you to have a PLAN on relationship building and a daily or weekly schedule. Be sure to create a route every Tuesday and Thursday which you can travel – offer FREE services – such as Glass Only(exteriors), this way you are not intruding on their property but they can still “see” your work and dedication. Just be prepared to repeat this sort of marketing for at LEAST 5 weeks – 12 weeks are preferred to get the best results. A lot of people just want to see if you are SERIOUS before they give you a chance – How easy is it to clean windows? Anyone can do it- but DO YOU WANT TO DO IT? Will you be there every day of the week or 3 or 5 days of the week for YEARS? These are the questions in their heads that they will probably not let you know.

Rules of the trade

Always COMMUNICATE. When you see something that you charge extra for – SAY SOMETHING. This can be a chance for you to ‘weasel’ out of a task that you do not want to perform – without getting PAID .  Always text/call the day BEFORE. Confirm the work order – what are they getting? Do they remember their estimate price? Save on towel usage by FOLDING your towel – giving you more than 2 cleaning surfaces,  but up to 10 cleaning surfaces with ONE TOWEL! If you want more tips and info growing your new cleaning business- SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel and RSS our blogs! Thank you and best wishes in your cleaning company!

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