How to Laser Target Your PPC Campiagn

I remember when I did my first pay per click (PPC) campaign. I went with Google AdWords and Facebook advertising. Mainly because I had some coupons which allowed me to have credits; which is good for padding if I made a mistake in my marketing efforts. So my first $100 or $200 will be mainly used in coupon form. This allowed me to see a realistic amount of money that can quickly get spent over a weeks time.girl on phone

Selecting Targeted Key Words

First you want to get keywords that match your audience and set up a very broad campaign. Such as the age between 21 to 49. And the education level from high school to college- male and female and so forth and so forth. The best free resource and you’ve probably heard this already, belongs to Google and its called “key word planner”. try this typing and the subject or product that you want to promote and see what kind of results come back with Google Keyword planner. always double check their recommended list and select the only about 20 – 30 keywords that you feel would drive the sale.

Launch Campaign

Now it’s time to run your campaign. Then after a week or less you can start to narrow the search results down to match the amount of clicks you are getting for the campaign. Let’s say its day 3 and you have an abundance of clicks. Like 30 or 50 you may want to go ahead PAUSE your campaign and figure out how you can separate the demographics so it makes it specific. Such as create a DUPLICATE CAMPAIGN or it may say COPY AD or along those lines. But make 2 similar ads; one with one male and one female. And keep the age and everything the same. Soon you will see all the females out clicking the males or vice versa. If the clicks on male and female are steady and average the same number, then no need to switch, just keep the sexes male and female together for the entire campaign. Now we can separate age; so it’s good to have a 10 year gap for each customer base… for example age 21 to 31 age 31 to 41 age 41 to 51. Now we can see which age groups are more interested in what we have to offer and after about 3 to 5 days you will see measurable results.

Laser Targeted Keywords

Lastly we will look at keywords. Start broad at first, then narrow down to no more than 10 keywords per campaign ad. Don’t forget to separate the key words into each own AD groups and looking to see which ones have a higher click through rate. Considering all this might cost you $50 to $100 about time the testing is all done. You want to keep a close eye on your ads. Another factor depends on what you set for your margins on maximum per click pay per click. ideally you do not want to spend no more than 30 cents per click. But to be competitive there’s nothing wrong with inserting 67 cents to try to increase your ranking on the page. The more clicks you are getting, the less you will have to spend per click.

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