Residual Income through multi-unit properties

Making money through owning multiple properties or owning multi-unit property will ensure that one can have an account that builds residual income. The amount of money that one can make using the multiunit property as a vehicle is a smart move to make for multiple reasons as for 1 you always need a place to stay 2 the multi unit will pay for itself within years of ownership compared to individual housing options 3 residual income… things one must be consider

Will it be cost efficient to purchase used multi-unit property vs construction of new building

Is it cost efficient to purchase multiple properties vs multiunit properties

Can you afford to take care of the cost without anyone living in the properties worst case scenerio for 4 months without income coming in?

How to fund the investment? Credit score needed? down payment needed? Investor websites that can locate properties for your mission?

Example property 1: Multi-unit property for sale for $220,000 for a 10 unit property, 8 of the places are already occupied for $700 a month. How much is the property worth monthly to have at 80/90/100% occupancy? What are a couple of ways to obtain the property? How much is each unit worth? If you were to take 100% of the income and place all of the income towards the note, how long will it take to pay off the total note?


example property 2: A group of investors would like to build multi-unit property to generate an account that will bring residual income for a small group of investors. How to get the interested group of investors together? How can we market to interested investors willing to loan the money out for P2P loans, business loans or partnerships? How much of a rate of return can you gaurentee the investors? What type of agreement contracts need to be made for the deal to be beneficial to the parties involved? What type of accounts can you place the investors money in?

example property 3: A small company wishes to purchase small properties that are relatively inexpensive and relatively close to each other, in order to rent them out to tenants to build a residual income? The cost of the neighborhood buying them when they are at the lowest cost? What are the HOA fees if any? Location?

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