Using Downtime to Make Money

Hello! Terre’ here; Just waiting at the laundromat with the clothes in the dryer. We are cleaning today in Decator, Ga. At the time its nice outside, sunny and cold for the winter month. I’m sitting here in the car thinking (how can I make money today). I look down at my phone and it hits me; my phone is my money maker!

During this time or any downtime, I use my WordPress app to create DRAFTS of great blogging topics. Sometimes my phone is my “between the office” device. Also, if my connection is good, there is a speaker icon which is OK at transferring my voice to text. This makes transferring my thoughts to text much much easier. Most phones and devices have this feature on the bottom right of the on screen keyboard.

The trick is to NOT get stuck up attempting to finish the blog in one sitting. Heck! I had this very post as a DRAFT for over a month now! The beauty of the DRAFT button is that you can type your KEY TOPICS and POINTS, save the document as a DRAFT and then have the ability to follow up on your thoughts from the NOTES that you saved earlier.

Eventually, all your DRAFTS will add up and you will have MORE blog topics at the ready than you can handle! I have AT LEAST 10 more drafts that need to be completed and published at the time of this posting! These blogs will add up and allow you to have a DAILY STREAM of content for your subscribers to keep coming back to read- which will eventually turn into LEADS!

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