The Money Is In The Follow up

If you are getting things done in Real Estate, then you are making a TON of offers.
How many offers are in a ton, you ask? I don’t know for certain – 100? 1000??

Alright, that’s enough silliness – here’s the deal…

On average, I tend to make around 160 offers per month, 40 offers per week, and
about 8 offers per day. In my world, this equates to roughly 4-7 deals each month.multiple real estate offers

Now, how many offers are YOU making each month? You’ve got to be making offers to bring in the deals , so that you can write $1000 checks each week.

Here is the big secret

… the money is in the FOLLOW-UPS.

Not only do you have to make a high volume of low offers, but you also have to be
the person the follows up on those offers relentlessly.

Here’s why… the seller will forget about you. If you aren’t checking in on your offer
at least once per week, they will completely forget about you and you’ll never get
the deal.

wisperHave you ever heard the saying “The squeaky wheel gets the grease”?
It’s true. Be that squeaky wheel. Let the seller know that you are dead serious about
your offer for their house. You’ll be amazed at how much this one little tip alone will
improve your ratios of getting deals under contract.

When are you supposed to STOP following up on your offers? You can stop when you
get the deal, or it sells to someone else. That’s about it. Until one of those things
happen, you should be following up with the seller at least once every couple weeks.

Do you stop following up when the seller says “NO”? Absolutely not. When the seller
says “NO”, what they really mean is “NOT YET”. Keep that in mind.

Now get out there, and put this into action beginning today.

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