HELP I need Extra Income! When Searching For A Job Doesn’t Work

joblessMany people who I talk to about my businesses and how I make money online and offline- almost always ask me “How did you get started?” Well I had to fall to the “bottom” a lot of times to make it to where I am at in life and my businesses. I am fortunate enough to realize and understand that KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. The more you LEARN the more you EARN is a very true statement. I spent my young 20’s in my local libraries reading and studying all the topics and subjects that I did not have the money to go to college for. Subjects such as culinary arts, Spanish language and business management were a few which I studied. What this showed me is that if I APPLIED myself; I can ACHIEVE IT.

I became an full time entrepreneur in 2008 when I lost my job and FOCUSED on my Real Estate business; which was-at the time- Renting LARGE houses and sub-leasing each room for $500 each. The trick was to save up almost $2,000 and marketing like crazy online and offline. While living and working on my own time, a revelation came to my mind, exposing how if I still HAD a JOB; I would NOT have the TIME to FOCUS on MY business! Time literally is money. So ask yourself: How much of my TIME is my job TAKING away from my business GOALS? And HOW MUCH ARE THEY PAYING ME FOR MY TIME?

When I was in the “job world”, my background was mainly in the COOKING field. My first job was at Burger King when I was 15, living in Silver Spring, MD. That job paid me $5.50/hr! As a young man, I was enjoying life making only $5.50/hr! And the most I made was $10/hr as a Souse Chef at a fancy restaurant named Maxwells on 54 located in Peachtree City, GA. I was also very fortunate to have the drive and fortitude to aggressively search for my jobs and SELL myself as best as I could during the interview. Keep in mind, I was a young man- I had the energy and my former employers saw that and utilized MY energy to build THEIR

Back on the subject: When searching for a JOB doesn’t work. After I lost my job, I took some time to analyse how much money I was making in my JOB and how much I was making in my side business of renting rooms. At my JOB I was getting about 28hrs a week, making $10/hr which equated to about $900 a month after taxes. From my room rentals I made $2,000 minus expenses of rent/mortgage and utilities of $1,400 which averaged $600/mo in profits which I saved for VACANCIES AND MARKETING. Taking a look at this information, my business made me close to the SAME amount as my JOB but took only 8 hours a WEEK; versus almost 30 hours a week at my JOB. That’s 3 times the work, for a small amount of money.

Now let’s look at how much time it takes to FIND a job and get paid; in comparison to starting a business and getting paid. My sister in-law has been unemployed for over 2 years. I feel her issue is that she does not have the drive, fortitude and sales ability to convince an employer to hire her- this is her problem: she has NO INCOME. So how long can she pay for the bus or transportation to get to interviews? A few weeks? Months? Its taking her YEARS! Plus once she spends the money, which she doesn’t have- the JOB is not guaranteed! And during this unemployment she suffers from NO INCOME STREAM.

But let us change her course of action. What if she STARTED her own business? How fast would she earn money? After sitting down and talking with her, I found her interest is “serving others”. So I showed her how she can take what she is interested in and turn them into valuable businesses. I taught her basic MARKETING. And low and behold she has a client within 24 hours advertising on the biggest U.S. FREE classifieds online AND she earned $80 the SAME WEEK! What did she do? BABYSITTING- in house babysitting. Very high demand service. She charged her client a FLAT RATE to look after their child for 6 hours. Another PLUS is that she didn’t have to WAIT to get PAID. She made almost $100 in one day! Which means if she repeats her actions- she could easily make $500 a week with less than 30 hours of actual work-time.

There are many ways to make money, but one of the SLOWEST ways to make money is to work for somebody else. It could take weeks, months or in my sister’s case YEARS to make an income searching and working at a JOB. Do yourself a favor- even if you have a job; START YOUR OWN BUSINESS. You will earn far more for your time, effort and energy. And focus on building multiple part-time business for multiple streams of income. Me? I am a disabled military vet, $400/mo. I have my house cleaning business where I have teams clean, not me; $500 monthly profit and I make money online with my websites; which earns me over $1,000 a month and still GROWING. If you want to learn more on starting your own business- sign up for my email list and I will HELP you achieve your goals.

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