Successful Google pay per click campaign

Getting into affiliate marketing can be tough for some. There are a lot of learning curves that may discourage you from even starting your online business. Making money online is not easy. But with the right mentor and education- your first 3 months can go a whole-lot-smoother!

First I want to point out that no one will have the same results as me, I am just using myself as a testimony and example for this article.gaw man

When I first got into affiliate marketing I saw the potentials to earn high commisions with low efforts. Combine this with the ability to make a sale even in my SLEEP by using the internet conveinced me further into persuing this small business for additional income. The basic formula is to:
Find a PRODUCT/SERVICE to promote
Perform a Test Analysis for your new PROMOTION
Measure Results and determine for high ROI *return on investment*
Drive massive amounts of TRAFFIC to your promotion
Measure results
Add changes and keep testing for Additional things that will INCREASE ROI

There are many two ways to drive traffic to any website online. The first and free way is ORGANIC traffic. Using KEYWORDS and META-TAGS within your website and pages that makes your site UNIQUE. Making sure the content is USEFUL and that many are clicking and sharing on social media. All those will rank you high on search engines. The second way and my personal favorite is utilizing PPC (pay per click) services. If you do this right, you can drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic to ANY website that you choose! My mentor teaches how to do this for FREE by email videos. The advantages are clear- INSTANT traffic that comes from pin point, laser targeted keywords that the user of the web types in a search engine or web domain. The person is LOOKING for something related to your advertising campaign because all PPC providers ask you for KEYWORDS, TOPICS AND INTERESTS that will force your ad to appear on their browser!

Let us take a look at the LARGEST used search engine GOOGLE. Their PPC service is called AdWords. They use their own network and a few of their partners networks to post your paid ad SOMEWHERE on the page ONCE the user types in the KEYWORDS you selected. You MUST have a google awords account in order to use one of the greatest FREE research tools for affiliate marketing; GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER. Once you have your account set up and have a campaign started make sure you use the following settings to maximize your advertising dollar;

Geographically target your audience

Make sure you do some demographical research for the BEST areas that people will buy or use your promotion, areas like OREGON, ARIZONA and NEW YORK are great states for WORK AT HOME positions since these where the HIGHEST states which reported to work from home according to 2012 National Census.

NO Display networkno display network

A gross waste of $$ all this means is that your ad won’t appear in the VERY TOP, in the MIDDLE on the MAIN SEARCH RESULTS. This is a huge waste being that most users NEVER click it and GOOGLE will charge you extra for it.

Manual bidding, no auto bids

Don’t let GOOGLE bid for you! They will bid TWICE as much as normal bidding process goes.

Use AD extensions

 These are the words that appear when the user hovers their mouse arrow over your ad and are THINKING of clicking. Please use this to your advantage by placing details that would not fit on your 1st and 2nd lines of your AD.


Day part campaign so ADs are @ proper times.

This will ensure you are getting clicks from BETTER leads that will ultimately BUY. Ever wonder why Infomercials always come on after 11pm?

Proper landing pages

Make sure your landing page is something that will allow you to CAPTURE your lead’s information! Such as their phone number or email address.

Use proper as copy form

Below are some added suggestions on how to use good FORM in your copy.sample ad

1st line is your TITLE
2ND line is your sales pitch
3rd line is your Call 2 action
4th line is display url
5th line is your Landing URL

Tip- use parentheses in your 1st line for more “pop” to make your ad stand out

And a final Tip for all those who stuck in- Go to GOOGLE.COM and type the KEYWORD you are thinking of bidding for….are the search results UNDER 50,000? Now try placing quotations””, around your KEYWORD, how did this change the amount of search results? Now try BRACKETS [], what is the amount of results now? The rule of thumb for TARGETED traffic is to use KEYWORDS with a search result around 50,000. This way the competition for bids will be lower from others who are GUESSING what keywords to use during their marketing campaigns.

I want to THANK you all for enduring through this long post. I used my DRAGON software to speak all of these thoughts. It really helps without doing all the typing. You will find great VIDEOS on topics like this on our YOUTUBE button at the top-right. Follow us on twitter @pmiyp for updates! And ofcourse, you can message me anytime on FB @terre slanderXander.

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